At Crybaby Comforts your child's safety is our number one priority. We only provide the highest quality baby equipment for rent. All products are safety checked to ensure the best possible condition for your use. The well-known brands we stock all meet U.S. standards and we ensure the safety and condition of the product at time of installation. Crybaby Comforts understands that this is the most precious cargo you will ever transport and provide only the best brands and highest quality.

Pack N Play Safety

Why doesn't Crybaby Comforts offer pack n play mattresses?
The simple answer is it isn't safe. All our pack n plays are Graco. Graco states very clearly in thier manuals "NEVER add a matress, pillow, comforter, or padding. Use ONLY mattress pad provided by Graco". To make sure that Crybaby Comforts is in compliance with Graco standards we do not offer extra mattresses. However, we do now offer a quilted mattress sheet that offers some extra softness to the Graco mattress. The quilted sheet can be added to any order for an extra $3.