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Basic Services

Online Review of Registry - $30.00 flat fee
Description: Have you already registered and just want another set of eyes to look at it? Let me give you some advice based on what I see.
  • Duplicates
  • Items you won't likely use
  • Make sure that items are compatible and match (IE: if you register for a diaper pail? I will make sure you also registered for the right fillers)
  • Look for commonly overlooked or forgotten items
  • Quanitity - Did you register for enough of an item? Or maybe too much of another?

  • How it works: I will look at your online registry and give you a detailed email about what I see. Then you can ask me any further questions you have about my advice.

    Initial Consultation (2 hour minimum) - $20.00 an hour
    Description: Let's meet and talk about your life style. We will go over what you expect having a new little one around is going to be like for your family. What equipment you feel you need to help everyone be comfortable in your day to day life. This is a hands on experience I will bring equipment along for you to play with and talk about. Everything from car seats to strollers!

    Internet Scouting and/or shopping - $30.00 an hour
    Description: Do you want to find the cheapest place online for a piece of equipment? Do you just want a list of places that you can buy the equipment you are interested in? Are you interested in finding online reviews? Let me help!

    Registry Consultation - $30.00 an hour
    Description: Let's meet at Babies R Us, Baby Depot, Target, or your favorite place to register for baby. I will help walk through the store and guide you through the lists of equipment as you register.

    Personal shopping (with or without client) - $30.00 an hour
    Description: Let's go shopping! After all isn't that the fun part?


    Registry Package - $85.00
    2 hours Initial Consultation
    2 hours Registry Consultation

    Extra Initial Consultation hour added at $10.00
    Extra Registry Consultation hour added at $15.00

    Personal Shopping Package $85.00
    2 hours Initial Consultation
    2 hours Personal Shopping

    Extra Initial Consultation hour added at $10.00
    Extra Personal Shopping hour added at $15.00

    Group Consultations

    Are you interested in a group class?
    Private consultations are available for groups.
    The class starts at 2 hours long and can cover anything you are interested in.*
    Prices start at $150.00 for up to 5 families plus location fees**.
    For every family added to the group above 5 add $30.00 and more time will be added to the class.

    *Additional time can be added to any class at $20.00 an hour.
    **If you have a location to hold the class the location fee is waived.
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